Our Frameworks allow companies to better leverage their data programmes and to ensure a continuously-improving cycle of data gathering and data usage.

Data Governance Framework

In Digital Data Consultancy our Data Governance Framework provides a systematic approach to data governance, covering data quality, privacy, security, and lifecycle management. Experience the power of effective data governance today with our propritory tool Suchee Beta...

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Data Ingestion Framework

The discipline of data ingestion comprises of Practices, Architectural Techniques and Tools to extract, transform, combine and provide data across the spectrum of...

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Data Migration Framework

Data Migration Services are a core competency within Digital Data Consultancy(DDC) . We are a dedicated team of professionals with many years’ experience of managing...

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Data Strategy Framework

Developing a comprehensive data strategy is crucial for any enterprise. A well-defined data strategy helps in leveraging data as a strategic asset, improving decision-making, and driving digital transformation.

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