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In just the past few years, the Healthcare industry has made huge leaps forward in clinical decision support and predictive analytics.

But in the new age of Data driven businesses healthcare organizations on the hunt for lower costs, better outcomes, and value-based care bonuses have invested heavily in hoarding as much big data as they can get their hands. We now see from customer service call logs and clinical documentation to satisfaction surveys and patient-generated health data from the Internet of Things, providers of every size and specialty have fully accepted the notion that no scrap of information will go to waste in the era of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and semantic data lakes.

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Banking and Finance

The Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) industry is the one that is most prone to the uncertainties owing to its dependence on global trends, changing regulations and varying demographics of consumers.

The leading institutions in this industry are leveraging data and analytics to redefine the playing field. They are enriching the customer’s information further by acquiring new information from the likes of telecom providers, retailers & social media. With this 360-degree view of their customers and markets, they are able to drive revenue, mitigate risk and control cost.

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If there is one sector that is set to benefit immensely from Big Data, it is manufacturing.

Every individual and company are influenced by manufacturing one way or another, and the industry is sitting on vast amounts of data. And with an ever increasing appetite for affordable high-quality goods due to a rise in living standards across the world, their only hope to satisfy this need lies in Big Data analytics. If manufacturers manage to harness this power of data they would be able to, for example, predict with near certainty consumer needs and manufacture a product that will be widely accepted.

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If we start looking at the challenges we addressed in retailers and jot down their problem statements or business priority, there could be plenty in different capacities where data could play a role to drive success.

The key questions we always sees reoccur is how to enhance customer experience with product data; how to learn customer’s behaviour better; how to optimize cost, increase efficiency in most operations which are doing well and which are not doing well. The answers to all of them lies is the data and the improvements we have seen are almost 70% to 80% with proper implementation of analytics and tools along with process optimisation.

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Consumer Goods

In the context of a CPG or consumer product company, insights from data ranges from easy to hard.

Analysis of the past, like top line revenue total from last month’s sales, is usually pretty easy. This tells us what happened. But analyzing data to discover patterns and correlations (also called relationships) is harder, while using past data to help us ask “what if” and to help us predict, can be a lot harder, especially if we want it in real-time based on incoming data (broadly classified as advanced analysis). In this context, all CPG and consumer product companies practice data science, especially at the standard analysis level, and in some cases, at the advanced analysis level.

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